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I have always loved music, especially Disneyland music. Whenever my family would plan a trip to Disneyland, I would make sure to bring along my own mixtape of specially selected tracks from Peter Pan. I can remember waiting for the airport shuttle and listening to "Mermaid Lagoon/Bad Day at Skull Rock" and pretending I was already in the queue for Peter Pan's Flight.

SoundsOfDisneyland.com has been a personal project of mine for the past 16+ years. It all started when I was standing in the queue line for Soarin' Over California and recognized the score from the movie "Dave". That gave me an idea. For the first time I realized that the area music in California Adventure might be made up of soundtracks that I already owned, cut together into a continuous loop. From then on, it has been my goal to recreate as faithfully as possible the area music and loops found throughout the parks.


Audio from the parks is extremely hard to come by so I am grateful for all who have helped contribute to this collection.

Every track available on this site had to be recorded/found, edited, and cleaned up. Many tracks were created by myself in my own recording & editing studio while others were generously shared by others who share a similar passion. The following is a list of just a handful of the many people who have made this project possible.

Original artwork by Tony Sherg altered for album cover use. You can see the original collection on his Minimalist Magic facebook page. Check out his official site at http://tshergdesign.com

VJ and his youtube channel WML95. VJ's edits and compilations are a delight to listen to. His youtube channel can be found here.

Other contributions: Paula Drysdale, Cindi Cox, Dawn Short, along with all of the wonderful composers, performers, and sound designers at Disney.

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